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School Uniform

School uniforms pant that are the perfect fit.

Our range is both durable + stylish and can be worn at school or casually. Our skinny fit, smaller waist trackies pants, and rye pants are the perfect addition to your child's school uniform

black legging harem cotton pants boys girls
8 year old girl wearing Frankie & Roy black rye pants with hand in her pocket
Black Rye Pant
$45.00 AUD
boy and girls standing next to a wire fence. girl is smiling and boy has his hands in his pockets. Both wearing navy rye pants and black t-shirts
black academy school casual skinny leg trackies for both boys and girls
boys and girl playing in a circle, holding hands and wearing green and grey rye pants
black academy school trackies for boys and girls. elastic waist, slim cut leg and functional drawstring
boys and girls wearing navy rye pants from frankie & roy
Navy Rye Pants
$45.00 AUD
Sold Out