Australian Made Kids clothing
Smaller waist without compromising on length
Rye Pants
100% cotton, 100% Comfy
About Us

The Frankie + Roy difference

Every child is different so why can't their clothes?

Frankie + Roy is changing the way you shop for kids clothing. We have combines quality and style but with a difference. We have brought waistlines in without compromising on length + tops slim line so they won't get bigger at the hips.

Frankie + Roy is proud to 100% made & designed in Melbourne, Australia.

Aussie made? You bet ya!!

Aussie made? You bet ya!!

Australian made is something we are passionate about and so is Helle from Lucas Loves Cars
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slowfashion revolution australia kids fashion

Are you join the slow fashion revolution?

Frankie + Roy is focusing on slow fashion and what it means to us. We are thrown so many messages about how to do and get things done FAST but it's time to slow down and smell the roses so to speak. 


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19 days exploring New Zealand South Island

19 days exploring New Zealand South Island

By changing this mindset it was the best thing we could have done as it relieved the stress and made the time spent with our kids priceless.
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