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Capsule Wardrobe Sizes 1-5

The Frankie + Roy difference

Frankie + Roy is changing the way you shop for kids clothing by making waistlines smaller without compromising on length + tops slim line so they won't get bigger at the hips.

Every child is different so why can't there clothing?

Skinny Trackies Vintage Black
Flinders Chino Green
Flinders Chino Navy
Flinders Chino Cherry

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It's birthday time

What a year it has been!
At the time Frankie + Roy launched, to say there was a lot happening is an understatement. 
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Made In Melbourne

Want to know the story behind the manufacturer of our denim?
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Quality Vs Fast Fashion

Do you remember when you were young and you were given hand-me-down clothes? Yeah me too! These days, the clothes we buy 'fast fashion' only seem to be good for one child and even then, they don't always last the distance.
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