Frankie + Roy creator Jess is a Melbourne mum of three young boys. Jess wanted to dress them well, in good quality clothes that actually fitted nicely. She found in order to do this, she was constantly having to buy the bigger size to get the correct length. However, the clothes that fitted her kids were not flattering. Tees hung like shapeless tents and most ‘full length’ pant styles sat around 3/4 length if she wanted the waist to fit. To get them to fit nicely, Jess found herself in ‘seamstress’ mode, constantly taking in the sides of her kids clothes. Jess had to do something - hence the birth of the label FRANKIE + ROY.

If this sounds familiar, you need not look further for classic versatile wardrobe staples and on-trend items.

Frankie + Roy is changing up kids sizing by creating the ‘Frankie + Roy waist’ means smaller waistlines without compromising on length. 

Frankie + Roy is proudly designed and made entirely in Melbourne, Australia, and offers style, comfort and high quality clothing that you and your little ones will love. Available for boys and girls in sizes 2-10.


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