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Our Story

Kids pants that will stay up whilst they play, run, climb + explore.

A little about Frankie + Roy 

Frankie + Roy creator Jess is a Melbourne mum of three boys Patrick, Louis and Sebastian. When Louis was just 3 months old she knew she was going to have the same issue she was having with Patrick where no pants would fit his small waist without the length being more like a ¾ style.

Jess decided to do something about it - hence the birth of the label FRANKIE + ROY. Frankie + Roy is about style, comfort, versatility + high quality clothing for boys and girls in sizes 2-14.

Our difference:

Kids come in all different shapes and sizes so why doesn’t kids wear? Frankie + Roy is changing kids sizing by creating the ‘Frankie + Roy fit’ which means smaller waistlines without compromising on length. 

If your child needs a size 4 for their height but could still easily fit a size 2-3 waist then you are going to LOVE Frankie + Roy. 

Keeping it local:

Frankie + Roy is proudly designed and made entirely in Melbourne, Australia. There is something special about supporting other local businesses, creating relationships + bringing our designs to life.

frankie + Roy family