Sizing Guide

Frankie + Roy has been designed with a difference.

The “Frankie + Roy waist’ refers to our own sizing. We have broken free of standard kids sizing and developed our very own.

All our pants have a smaller than ‘standard’ waist. What this means is we have adjusted our waist measurements on our pants without losing length but also added all the extras like REAL drawstring and elastic waist to help as well.

This means if you need a size 4 for length but your little one finds the waist too big then our size 4 will fit perfectly as our waist measurements are 1-2 sizes smaller than standard.




Frankie + Roy denim is designed with the 'Frankie + Roy waist' but due to not having much stretch you might want to SIZE UP. 

Please note our denim is long in a leg but looks super cute scrunched or folded up.


If you have any questions about our sizing please don't hesitate to send us on email

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