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What does Me Time Mean To Me?

What does Me Time Mean To Me?

me time just for me
Have you lost yourself? Does your life revolve around everyone else and you come a long distance last?
Let’s change that.
Let’s think about who you were BK (before kids), what was your life like and what did you love to do?
Were your days filled with long lunches, brunches and shopping? Did you love to get dressed up, party all night & enjoy luxurious sleep in’s?
Do you want me to stop?
Does it sound so long ago & in another galaxy?
Your life & priorities may have changed BUT what is still THE most important thing in your life is YOU.
Yes, your partner is significant, and your children need you, but how are you going to be of any use to them if you are sick, tired, grumpy or running on empty?
You are NOT.
Being a mum & wife is often a thankless job and I often think that is our own fault. We are natural nurturer’s, givers, doers & pleasers and we want everyone to be happy, which often comes at our own expense.
Having a 23year old and now an 8 year old, you could say that I have a 2nd chance to improve on everything I did ‘wrong” the first time. The truth is, I did my best and the only thing I knew how.
Doing everything for my son has not made me a better mum, or him a better man. In fact, I have done him a disservice by not teaching him any practical life skills. I get annoyed when he doesn’t automatically do jobs, but why would he when I never taught him.
I have lived & learned this time around.
I have very open & honest conversations with my family about being a team, about not everything being my job.
It naturally goes against my natural grain to ask for help, but boy oh boy do I love it when hubby cooks a meal and serves it to me.
We all have a need to fill our cups, to do activities that bring us joy & give us the energy to go about our days.
Some simple things that I do for me are, stepping outside, putting my bare feet on the grass & taking 5 deep breaths or I play my favourite music in the car and sing loud. Personally, I have never played The Wiggles or Hi-Five in my car, both of my children now share my love of power ballads.
I am learning more & more about essential oils, and I have found blends that I love that I either diffuse or use as a roll on. Being a water sign, the bath or shower (if time is an issue) can reset or recharge me. Turning the lights low, lighting a candle & getting lost in a book can be the perfect preface for a good nights sleep. 
Make a plan with everyone in your family to have some Me Time. Even the kids. Chat with them about what makes them happy & in turn you do the same. It will soon become the norm & will take the guilt out of it for everyone.
Me Time is not a maybe, Me Time is not a let’s see how much time I have left at the end of the day, Me Time is a MUST do and must be on your to do list everyday.
Sue Brabender

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