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Understanding your child

Understanding your child

Viewing your child’s behaviour as communication is the very first step into understanding how children are constantly trying to tell us how they feel. When we learn to separate our child from their behaviour, we can start to respond much more positively. Children do not see the world the same way as adults, and as such we should have realistic expectations about how much they understand or are capable of.

Next time your child is displaying a challenging behaviour remind yourself:

It’s not my child that I don’t like, it is what they are doing.

My child is not ‘being naughty’ but rather communicating with me

Are my expectations of my child too high?

Is there an opportunity to teach my child something?

Is my child looking for connection from me in a negative way? 

When we think these thoughts or ask ourselves these simple questions before responding, it gives us time to think more about how our child is communicating with us, and hopefully encourages us to respond with more empathy, understanding, patience and love. That is how children learn best.

Teach through love. Every single time.

Chrissie Davies is an educator, consultant, writer, guest speaker, loving mama of two, and passionate advocate for understanding children with challenging behaviours. She is committed to empowering and supporting families to live the life they truly  deserve. She lives with her husband and young family in Melbourne.


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