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Top 5 tips for iphone photos

Top 5 tips for iphone photos


Leah Ladson Photography

    • INDOOR Make sure your child is facing the light when photographing inside. Try and get them close to a large window of glass sliding door, you have your back to the light and then they will (ideally) look at you and have all that glorious natural light shining in on them
    • OUTDOOR Lighting outdoors is much easier, because we don’t need to work hard for that natural light we are seeking. Overcast/Shady days are our friend! They create an even tone for your phone’s technology to adjust to. On those sunny days, it’s a little harder. You can either have your subject facing the sun (but you’ll get all the squinty feels) or you can have the sun behind them (which works at varying success rates depending on the camera on your smart phone). The easiest option, is to find a shady area and work in there!


  • COMPOSITION: Lets be honest, when we are capturing our kids we have a split second to grab a photo before they are off again (or they’ve cracked the shits because you cut their sandwich in squares and not triangles) so ONLY work on composition if you have the time and/or a willing participant. Working with a hypothetically angelic child who is still and smiling, always try and capture your subjects’ eyes in the middle of the screen (You know the old saying, the eyes are the doorway to our souls?!). You can turn on the ‘grid’ setting on your iphone which then shows 9 squares in your camera which makes it much easier to know where the middle is (Settings > Camera > Composition > Grid > Turn On/Green)

  Before  After

  • UNPOSING: So you’ve seen other people taking amazing photos on their phones but you can’t quite figure out how they got their child to a)obey them b) sit still long enough and c) not do the peace sign? I call this the art of unposing. It is where we set our subjects up and ask them to do an easy/quick task that will in turn get you the end ‘posed’ result that you want. For example: If you want JUST ONE nice sibling photo? Set them up and ask them to hold hands. You get into position and then ask sibling A if sibling B has something on their nose. Singling A & B will either look at each other blankly (which is cute) or crack up laughing (90% success rate on this one). They don’t even know it, but they’ve just posed for you!


  • TALK: Don’t just plonk your child down and say ‘look at Mummy’ ‘Smile!’ ‘Say Cheeeeeese!’ because this rarely works. Get your camera on, and your finger at the ready – And then pull faces at your child, ask them about something funny or even just make fart sounds. It works EVERY.TIME.


  • EDIT: Scrap the ‘Valencia’ filter on Instagram (PLEASE!) and  download the free version of Adobe Lightroom on your phone – It’s AMAZING! In most cases, I would recommend increasing your brightness & contrast – And even those two little tweaks will make your photos POP.


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