Supporting Australian Made

Supporting Australian Made

As the world around us becomes increasingly globalised and interconnected, it is astounding to see how many of us have been impacted by the immediate, and flow-on effects of the Coronavirus outbreak.Currently, the global fast-fashion industry is on edge, as the majority of labels rely solely on China to carry out their manufacturing.


As a Frankie + Roy supporter, you can take solace knowing that all Frankie + Roy clothes are 100% Australian made. In fact, our main supplier of fabric is right here in Melbourne! 


Yet, Frankie + Roy has by no means escaped this challenging time completely unscathed. For example, we source our chino fabric from China Guangdong Province  This means that we are currently waiting for the fabric factory to reopen, and for life to start to get back to normal for those impacted. Like much of the information around the Corona virus itself, we are still unsure how long this is going to take. We send our hearts out to those families who have been impacted in China, and now, around the world. We hope for everyone's sake that life returns to normal soon. 


Australian made kids clothing


The great news is that 90% of our fabric comes from a Melbourne-based business! This means that (apart from our chinos) we can move forward as planned with our winter collection production, getting it to you on time by early April! Since day one Frankie + Roy has been 100% manufactured locally in Australia. The tiniest details count to us, even our labels are made in Sydney! So you can feel good knowing that you are supporting many local businesses when you choose Frankie + Roy.  


We pride ourselves on having strong relationships with the people that make our clothing. This way we can also maintain the high quality standards that you receive when you purchase a Frankie + Roy item. We think that there is something special about being able to chat face-to-face with our fabric suppliers or manufacturers about upcoming production. This helps them to understand and appreciate what we are doing with Frankie + Roy. They appreciate and respect our ethics and the quality that we want to maintain.  Unlike fast-fashion companies, we actually drop everything off to our manufacturer by hand (from the fabric, to the patterns, and even the trims), ensuring we are able to maintain complete control over the manufacturing process.   


Although sadly, it seems that we have all been impacted by the ramifications of the Corona virus outbreak,please take solace in remembering that in shopping locally (when and where you can), that you are part of a movement that supports local businesses and their families too; and we truly thank you for this! 

Jessica Haley

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