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Quality Vs Fast Fashion

Do you remember when you were young and you were given hand-me-down clothes? Yeah me too! These days, the clothes we buy 'fast fashion' only seem to be good for one child and even then, they don't always last the distance.

Since having Patrick almost 4 years ago, the amount of clothes (not always cheap) that have gone out of shape (the moving side seam) or stretched / shrunk after one or two washes continues to pile up!
This has been happening with brands that I once trusted and now I can't bring myself to buy from them.

When we were in the design phase with Frankie + Roy every sample we received was washed a number of times and tested by our boys in the backyard to make sure they held up to the rigours.
Don't get me wrong I still buy the occasional 'fast fashion' as it is at my finger tips but every time I do, I get reminded that if my boys drop food on it or I have to wash it, more than likely it wont look the same after. 

Frankie + Roy is a brand that has been designed and made with quality fabrics sourced from local Melbourne businesses that you will be able to wash time after time and they will still keep their shape!

Check out this article from the ABC on 'War on Waste'.
Next time you go to buy fast fashion remember the stats behind it.
Jessica Haley

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