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It's birthday time

It's birthday time

What a year it has been!
At the time Frankie + Roy launched, to say there was a lot happening is an understatement. I was 16 weeks pregnant with baby number three (boys were then 18 months + 3.5 years old), I was still working part time which meant I had to get two kids out of the house by 7:15am so I could get to work by 8am. To be honest some days went smoothly and I thought  ‘I got this!’ and others, not so much. I was known on a number of occasions to drop the boys at childcare still in their pj’s and then to put the icing on the cake, we decided to renovate the house.
Now imagine this: halving your normal living space, losing storage, shoving tubs of clothing to any free available spots then throw in the hot summer months, dirt and dust from the building (not good during the nesting stage of pregnancy) and that is what we were living in during the first few months of business. Somehow we made it through and now we have a ‘semi finished house’ as nothing is ever really finished, a small business that is going well and three beautiful boys under the age of 5.
Twelve months on, I am blown away that I designed and launched a kids label that is helping parents be able to dress their kids in tops that don’t look like over sized tents or pants that don’t fall down like a bad 90’s rapper.
Would I change anything?
Maybe I would have spaced it out a little better and not been in such a rush to do everything at once but then it that wouldn’t have been a challenge, right?
What’s next for Frankie + Roy? We are so excited to be apart of 2the Spring summer 18/19 Finders Keepers market at the Royal Exhibition building Carlton on October 19-21. If you’re in Melbourne come say hi and check out our NEW summer range that will be available.

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