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Fitting kids shoes made easy

Fitting kids shoes made easy

Recently I took Louis my three and a half year old to get his feet measured for some new runners as I knew his foot had grown but I was shocked when I was told that he needed a size 13 shoe when I had him in an 10. The funny thing about this is I did the same thing when Patty was a similar age. It got me thinking that I am sure Im not the only one out there who has had this issue.
So to help us parents out and give some insight into how to fit kids shoes I ask my good friend Alana from Just Ray Baby to share her wisdom.


Guest Blogger Alana from Just Ray Baby talks about Finding the perfect pair of shoes.


Fitting shoes on kids can definitely be tricky. The thing is, shoes that fit correctly are so important for your child’s development. 
I often get asked how to measure and what shoe size to select. 
Here are some key things to remember:
Measure later in the day
Measure feet at the end of the day when your child’s feet are at their largest. It's best to measure your child’s foot while they are standing upright from the heel to the tip of the big toe.
Don’t rely on the shoe size
There is no mandatory industry standard for shoe sizing, so each brand will vary. Even if you know your child’s size it’s important to check the actual shoe measurement.
Remember the wiggle room
Shoes that are too big can hinder your child’s walking and shoes that are too small can squash their toes. Please add 1cm for growing & wiggle room between the big toe and the end of the shoe.  If you are trying on a shoe make sure the foot is flat in the shoe and the toes aren’t curled up before you check there is 1cm of room.
Always go by the longer foot
Did you know that almost everyone has one foot bigger than the other? Measure BOTH feet and always fit shoes against the largest.
Do a regular check
Every three months remeasure your child’s feet and check their shoes still fit. Kids feet can grow quickly and they don’t always tell you (or notice) if their toes are at the end of their shoes.

Here at Just Ray we have an easy size guide you can download HERE and print out to help you measure your child’s foot. If you place the print out on a flat surface and position your child’s foot flat so the heel lines up with the bottom line.
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