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Camping, it's not that scary.

Camping, it's not that scary.

Now that school and kinder are back it’s all about routine and getting on with Frankie + Roy so that 2020 is an amazing year but first I want to reminisce about the summer holidays and for us that meant camping. 

Does the thought of camping scare you? Well it shouldn’t. 

I’ve been camping with my boys since they were babies and have found it such a great holiday to get out and about away from ipads, tv’s and spend lots of time together. I'm not talking about off the grid camping as I don’t that. I always need a shower and toilet.

But there is something about being at a campground that makes kids forget about nagging and being bored. Maybe it's the fresh air and no walls to contain them? They ride their bikes, go for walks, swim in pools or rivers and hang out with their friends or make friends with kids they have just met.

Camping doesn't have to be scary if you are organised and chose the right places.

So to help you out I’ve put a simple check list together on how to choose your next camping trip and included a bonus camping checklist for when you decide the go camping.

  1. Location. This is really important. You need to choose a location that suits your families needs. There is no reason to go off the grid into the middle of nowhere if it's not going to suit your kids or you. Choose a park that has things to do or is close to activities. Like any holiday, think about what you want to be doing when away. Do you just want to relax, go on adventures or a bit of both?
  2. Time of year. Make sure what you are wanting to do can be done at the time of year you choose. You don’t want to be camping if it’s likely to be cold and wet and all you want to do is go to the beach or pool
  3. Company. Are you going to camp as just a family or have friends with you. This is a big decision as if you have ever traveled with people you will understand that you have to choose the right bunch.
  4. Be prepared. A good list of what you need to pack that you can keep and refer to each time you camp is essentials clothing, food, camping gear etcl. Especially with kids. You can add to this list and remove things as your kids grow but can always refer to it as needed. 
  5. Packing. Think about where you are going to be camping and what you will need. Look at clothing at being able to mix and match together. Does it have laundry facilities and will you need them (winter camping yes)?
  6. Relax. Don’t stress just enjoy it. Think of the positives that are with spending time with family and friends away from the hustle and bustle of normal life. You don’t have to rush to be anywhere.

Click here to grab your go to camping list for families

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