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Beating school holiday boredom

Beating school holiday boredom

Hi I’m Angelique. A mum to two little boys and a teacher. I’m passionate about learning and a big supporter of play in all its forms. Creating play experiences for my children means the world to me. Not only does the research suggest a positive correlation between play and learning, play can also provide opportunity for connection among families. So go on, get playing with your children and notice the wonderful enhancements to their minds and also to your relationships.

Here are a few quick and easy activities you can try at home. These materials are easy to come by, inexpensive and fun to play with. But please, keep a close eye on your little ones when they are playing with these small parts. Safety first and foremost. And for more ideas about learning, play and life with kids, head over to my Instagram @heads.shoulders.knees or my blog headsshouldersknees.com

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Nature Sensory Bin

Nothing quite like exploring nature with your children. The best part about this activity is that your child can be responsible for collecting their own materials based on their preferences.

You need: To get out in nature and go exploring with your child. 

How to: 

  • Take a basket with you and collect any bits and bobs you can. Flowers, twigs, rocks, leaves, seeds etc
  • Place the collection into a plastic container or tray and allow your child the time to explore them.

** You could add water and watch the items float. 

** You could add paint and use the nature materials to paint a picture

** You could use the materials to create a nature collage with PVA glue on paper

kids sensory activities

Match Stick Post

A great fine motor workout for young hands… not to mention concentration!

You need: A spice shaker or colander, matchsticks

How to:

  • Your child posts one matchstick at a time through the holes. That’s it! 
kids educational activities

Food Lid Thread

If your child devours fruit or yogurt pouches then you will have a bunch of play resources at your finger tips! Those lids are perfect for threading! 

You need: To save a bunch of the pouch lids, shoelaces or pipe cleaners

How to:

  • Encourage your child to thread the lids onto old shoelaces or pipe cleaners. 
  • Your child can create coloured patterns, or just explore freely with no agenda at all.

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