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Are you join the slow fashion revolution?

Frankie + Roy is focusing on slow fashion and what it means to us. We are thrown so many messages about how to do and get things done FAST but it's time to slow down and smell the roses so to speak. 


Do you ever think how a kids t-shirt can be sold for $3? To put it into very simple terms of what goes into making a tee: the cotton is grown and  cultivated then made into fabric, it gets dyed cut, sewed and then sold.


There is a movement at the moment called #fashionrevolution and its about questioning who made your clothing, where they came from and the impact the fashion industry has on the planet. People are becoming more educated in wanting to know this but also wanting to have items that are made to last and not be thrown out after 2 washes.


Since having Patrick 5 years ago, the amount of clothes (not always cheap) that have gone out of shape (the moving side seam), stains that can’t be removed or stretched / shrunk after one or two washes continues to pile up and ends up in landfill. 'Landfill becomes the latest fashion victim in Australia's throwaway clothes culture'.  This has been happening with brands that I once trusted and now I can't bring myself to buy from them. I don't want to waste my money.


Back in 2015 when we were in the design phase with Frankie + Roy, it was so important to me to create a label that lasted, kept looking good and could be passed onto another child once it was too small. Every sample we received was washed numerous times and tested in the backyard and out and about to make sure it held up to the rigours. A perfect example of making sure Frankie + Roy clothing lasts is I started Frankie + Roy when Louis was only a baby and he is now wearing the original items I made for Patty and Sebby is wearing Louis’. I can still photograph these items when we are out and about and this brings me so much pride that what I have created lasts and still looks good on the playground.


Did you know that Frankie + Roy is designed and made entirely in Melbourne? Our items have been made in Brunswick, Braybrook and the Mornington Peninsula. We pride ourselves on creating a label that when you buy one of our items we know you’ll love it, it will last the distance and you'll come back for the next size up.

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