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2019! The year for 'me'

2019! The year for 'me'

I am so incredibly grateful for the past 12 months with all the support and love that Frankie + Roy has received. This business wouldn't be around if it wasn’t for our beautiful customers and followers just like you.

I don't know about you but wow what a year 2019 has been.

After years of making 'New Year's resolutions' that I never stuck to, I decided this year I would choose a word that would be my motivation for the year and the word I chose was ‘ME’. This was going to be the year for ‘me’ after having baby number 3 the year before. It meant finding myself again with my fitness, owning the juggle of being a mum, wife and business owner and I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy!

So what has been happening…

Patty started school which was a huge adjustment emotionally and mentally for both of us but one that has seen him grow into a young boy who is starting to be independent and is thriving. 

Louis and Sebastian have been hanging at home with me which is getting harder to work around them as Sebby gets more active and needs more attention..

I decided to get stuck into markets to show people the quality and style of Frankie + Roy and ended up heading interstate 6 times and threw a handful of local ones in the mix too. This equated to roughly 9,130km of driving with 6,800km of it solo. Lets just say it’s a lot of podcasts, choosing my own music and quiet time (no kids fightly or needing me to do something - yes!). With these interstate trips came a lot of anxiety about leaving the boys and driving but I can say that with each trip I have gotten stronger and more confident. Leaving for 4-5 days at a time wouldn’t be possible without my amazing husband, family and friends who chipped in to help with the boys when needed.

Frankie + Roy released 2 new styles, Flinders chino and Rye pant which everyone has been loving.

So now that it's all drawing to an end I am reflecting on what a massive achievement this year has been and to reflect on my word of the year ‘me’ I reckon I have nailed it.

What’s happening in 2020 for Frankie + Roy?

You guys have been asking so we are going to deliver a new winter collection of pants with some exciting colours which will be available up to size 10. For our potential new wholesale partners,  Frankie + Roy will be attending their first trade show in July and just for fun we’ll throw in a couple of interstate markets - I need some ‘me’ time after all!

So from me to you, stay safe over summer and we will be back in January 2020.




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